Ossip K. Flechtheim

Mario Kessler: Ossip K. Flechtheim. Political scientist and futurist (1909–1998)
(Historical Studies. Vol. 41). Böhlau, Köln 2007 ISBN 978-3-412-14206-3.
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The founding father of modern futurism, if there is one, may well be a mild-mannered German professor who,
as early as the mid-1940s, began speaking and writing about the need for what he termed "futurology."
... Flechtheim argued that universities ought to teach about the future.
Even if systematic forecasting did no more than unveil the inevitable, he asserts, it would still be of crucial value.
— Alvin Toffler in his book The Futurists" (1972). www.books.google.dk ...

German Scholars in Exile: New Studies in Intellectual History
Axel Fair-Schulz, Mario Kessler eds. 2011. Ch 9: Flechtheim, pp. 173-212. www. books.google.dk ...

Ossip Kurt Flechtheim (1965). History and futurology. Verlag Anton Hein.
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